Repair That Dent and Keep Your Car's Original Finish Intact

Ask About Our Auto Dent Removal Service in Texarkana, Tx

Filling, sanding and repainting dented sections isn't the only way to remove car dents. Haley's Body Shop specializes in paintless dent repair in Texarkana, TX.

By relying on us for this service, you won't have to worry about your car's value depreciating. You can also ask one of our estimators to discuss the repairs with your insurance claims adjuster.

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img filling sanding and repainting dented

How our paintless dent repair process works

When you schedule auto dent removal service at Haley's Body Shop, a certified technician will follow these steps to restore your car:

Step one

We'll remove the trim or hardware (this process is often called "remove and install") in the damaged area.

Step two

We'll push the dented metal out point by point, sculpting your body work to its original shape.

Step three

We'll seal the repaired area and replace the trim or hardware.

Your car will look like new when we're finished.

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