Frequently Asked Questions

This is probably the most common question asked about collision repair and certainly the most difficult to answer. The time it takes to repair collision damage depends on several factors – the amount of damage, parts availability, type of paint, sublet work to be done, additional damage not visible prior to disassembly, insurance company inspections, etc. It is the goal of Haley’s Body Shop to provide a quality repair in a timely manner, but our focus must remain on quality. Doing it right the first time will always take less time than doing it over. Quality is remembered when cost and time are forgotten.
Some of the things that determine start times are, authorization, labor, and parts. First we must have the vehicle owner’s authorization to begin work. Second we must have the labor force available to begin work, and most of the time we need to have the parts for that vehicle. While these are the basics, there are many more considerations such as reconciliation with the insurance co. holiday seasons, payment issues etc.
We cannot save your deductible and strongly urge you not pursue that course of action. Deductibles today are higher than ever. For someone to save your deductible, something has to be sacrificed possibly your repairs or someone’s integrity. If you will do your part then you can expect everyone else to do theirs.

Not necessarily, contact your insurance agent first. Some agents have the authority to handle small claims and may request two estimates to do so in this case we are always referring to drivable vehicles. You may choose a shop that participates in a direct repair program. In this case, you are able to take your vehicle directly to that shop to begin the repair process. Some of these programs are designed to benefit you the customer with faster service and some are designed to benefit the insurance co. These programs should never replace your decision to use the shop of your choice that you know will look out for your interest. Shop choice is yours. Almost all other claims are looked at by insurance company personel or an independent appraiser so there is very little need today to acquire an estimate at all.

With the products and procedures that are used today, paint match is not the problem it once was. Today we employ a series of procedures and products to eliminate any visible difference in color. On older vehicles, the repaired area may look newer than the rest of the vehicle. This is most common on vehicles four years old or older. For more detailed information on the refinish procedure contact an Haley’s Body Shop estimator at 903-831-4656.

We do not provide loaner cars nor do we provide rental cars. We focus on a quality repair process. We do assist with pick-up and delivery, and provide assistance with rental car companies in regard to scheduling etc.
One of the oldest myths is that frame or structural damage cannot be properly repaired and a vehicle should be totaled. This is not true and never has been as long as the damage was properly assessed and repaired. Today repairs are easier and much more common than in times past. We have more advanced equipment to properly measure and repair the damage to your vehicle.
If your vehicle can be safely and legally driven, we recommend you do so unless it could cause additional damage. We do assist with pick-up and delivery on local vehicles that are drivable. We will also make arrangements for towing. At the scene of the accident, the police will call a towing company for you and you may request that service to bring your vehicle to Haley’s Body Shop. We will pay the towing bill and include that cost in the estimate of damages. If your vehicle is not drivable, we can make towing arrangements at your request.

It is very common to find additional damage after the repairs have started. The way modern vehicles are constructed, it is very difficult, and sometimes impossible, to locate all the damage prior to starting repairs. In such cases, we contact your insurance company and request a supplement to the original estimate be started. It is common for the insurance company to inspect the additional damage.

It is the policy of Haley’s Body Shop to make a supplement request for any item we feel is accident related and necessary to perform a complete and quality repair.

Unless arrangements are made in advance, all repairs will need to be paid for at the time of delivery. It is the customers responsibility to secure payment from the insurance company paying for the damage and to secure endorsement from any other party named on the insurance company check, such as a lien holder. Local lien holders will require a visual inspection of the repaired vehicle before endorsing a check. If your lien holder is not local, you will need to mail your check to be endorsed before the repair process begins. We will assist in any reasonable manner with these issues but a good note to remember is to have these things taken care of before the vehicle is ready to be picked up.